Jeff Davidson Photography


Photographs are available for purchase in a variety of presentations and finishes.

Quotations are available upon request. Enter your preferences on the "REACH ME" page and I will get back to you promptly.


Paper prints are typically available in glossy , lustre or metal finishes and will be flush mounted on foam core, Gator board or an over-sized matte board unless otherwise requested.‚Äč

Metal Prints - a medium for preserving photos on specially coated aluminum sheets. Your images will have very rich colors. These are available with Acrylic covering, as single prints or framed.

Acrylic Presentation -  available with paper or metal prints. They give a feeling of depth and can be face mounted or with stand-off posts.

Canvas Prints - are printed on a canvas material stretched on a wood frame and gives it an appearance that it was painted by an artist.

Wood Prints - printed on 1/2 inch thick maple wood boards

Clusters & Splits - split images of a single photograph available in metal prints or canvas.

Sizes range from 8 X 10 to 24 X 30 but may vary or have limitations due to the type of presentation chosen. Larger sizes are dependent on the presentation and finish chosen.

WHEN ORDERING:, please include: the name of the photograph, quantity, size, finish and presentation. A quote will be sent to you within 2 business days.